Construction of a photovoltaic power plant for the production of electricity in the village Jasenová


Obec Jasenová
Jasenová 137
02601 Jasenová
IČO: 00 314 536

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Mgr. Paulína Škradová
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A photovoltaic power plant has been installed on the roof of the municipal office building since November 2023 using 24 photovoltaic panels with an installed power of 10.68 kW. The panels are grouped in three strings. Electric energy is stored in 5 batteries and distributed to the network for public lighting in the evening. Production and distribution of energy from renewable source, support for the transition to low-carbon economy, reduction of the environmental burden through reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Modernization of the village.

Economic benefits

Significant financial savings on electricity bills for public lighting throughout the village. Real savings will be demonstrable after the monitoring year in December 2024, as electricity prices increase, the expected economic savings will be higher.

Environmental benefits

Renewable energy production and distribution, supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy, reducing the environmental burden by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Modernisation of the municipality.